LG Optimus 3D Phone Release Date Delayed Till Mid June

The eagerly awaited Smartphone LG Optimus will see the light of day in the middle of July. There are a number of release dates that have been revealed on a number of websites. Amazon and Expansys have in the past stated that the 3D handset was scheduled to be released on the 25th of April while Clove suggested the release date to be 6 June. All of them have edited the release dates to 13 July making the people jittery at the thought of waiting another month for getting hold of this Smartphone. People will be able to enjoy 3D movie watching on this handset very soon.

"LG Optimus 3D Phone"

Different websites have now published different dates for the arrival of this handset by LG. while Amazon is sticking to 13 July as the release date clog states that people can get this handset on 11 July. According to Expansys the July release is not yet final. It has been confirmed by Orange and Vodafone that they would be make this handset available in their stores after the launch of the device. LG has not yet provided an official release date or a reason for the continuous delay in arrival of this much awaited smart phone.