LG G2x Android Smartphone Has Outed Itself As A Super Power

With the G2x Android Smartphone LG has declared itself as a superpower. These days’ Smart phones have reached a basic level of competence and this new phone running Google’s Android operating system is more than just competent. But this phone poses a question for buyers that whether they want to sign a two-year contract with a carrier that will likely cease to exist well before that commitment ends. It is also being said by AT & T that it will honor the contracts of the existing T-Mobile subscribers if its acquisition of the company is completed in the next year or so.  AT & T also made the things clear that plans to ultimately repurpose the wireless spectrum T-Mobile uses for its 3G airwaves to AT&T’s 4G standard. But T-Mobile’s 3G phones cannot be able to connect to that 4G signal, so they’ll default down to slower 2G.

"LG G2x"

This phone has a minor drawback that it comes with pre-installed Google’s Android 2.2 software rather than having the latest 2.36 version. The picture quality of this phone is also superb with an 8 MP camera. Most likely that update will eventually be offered to G2x users, but it’s been out long enough that it should be available out of the box.

LG G2 Hülle