Why LG G 2 Pro is a wonderful choice

The LG G 2 Pro mobile phone is going to be launched in the upcoming event of the Mobile World Congress in the year two thousand and fourteen. According to the latest bit of news the LG G 2 Pro will be the newer edition of the LG Optimus G Pro Phablet. It remains to […]

Nokia Lumia 900 Review

Despite being the world-wide leader in mobile phone sales, Nokia has struggled to make a breakthrough in the smartphone market. The same can be said for Microsoft, who despite having produced a stylish and easy to use operating system, have seen Windows Phone struggle to make an impact. However, with their recent phones, the Nokia […]

Samsung Galaxy S3 Review

If you have any interest whatsoever in smartphones, you will have surely seen and heard about the latest Samsung Galaxy S3. The newest addition to the Galaxy range is Samsung’s flagship handset and the most hyped phone of the year by some distance. This new “super phone” is expected to set the benchmark for all […]

Tablets Getting Over Smartphones

Just recently we were surprised looking at a survey data that showed there more sold smartphones than PCs in the world. It made many people think the upcoming mobile devices will be smaller than what we currently use, but Apple upturned everything as it always does. I mean when the whole tech world was obsessed […]

Nokia Lumia 710 Review

After launching Nokia Lumia 900 for US only, the Finnish company has introduced Nokia Lumia 710, the second Windows 7 Phone for UK. As the second brainchild of the Nokia- Microsoft partnership, Nokia Lumia 710 has a big task at hand. As the budget-friendly option, it aims to entice first time smart phone buyers, while […]

Sony Xperia P Review

Sony has launched several handsets since it dropped the Ericsson moniker from the company’s name. The first ones were the Sony Xperia S and Ion introduced at CES 2012 in January. Afterwards, the manufacturer unveiled the next two handsets from this series dubbed the Sony Xperia P and U. Both smartphones are the weaker versions […]

Nokia Lumia 800 Review

Many users and mobile critics feel that lately Nokia has lost its touch and that the company is nowhere in the competition as the real competition is happening between Apple and Samsung, but the fact is that Nokia is always working on better technologies that can make their smartphones even better than what the market […]

Blackberry Bold 9900 Review

Blackberry is certainly in the rat race for making some of the best business smartphones globally. However, with the new Blackberry Bold 9900 RIM is trying to make a statement to the world that they have something more to offer to their consumers than just simple business smartphone. The all new Bold 9900 joins the […]

HTC Rezound Review

New technologies keep coming at the speed of light and therefore phone makers are looking into the future where they can create better smartphones that can improve the overall mobile experience. So far the LTE technology has received some positive response but if you take a look at LTE smartphones there are only few smartphones […]

Motorola RAZR Review

Motorola is also among the top contenders when we talk about smartphones and to accelerate their sale and growth in the global market Motorola is now trying to use old tactics that provided them with the success they were looking for. This year Motorola has decided to come up with their new smartphone that belongs […]