Cases Revealed before Launch of iPhone 6

In accordance to the rumors we can say that the iPhone 6 is one of the most projected Smartphone this year. It has been reported by mirror that the phone will release on 19th September this year whereas Mac has rumored that it will release on the third Friday of this September. But, whatever the […]

iPhone 6 is set for the release

The mobile enthusiast is about to get a view of iPhone 6 soon. Big announcement from the brand of Apple Inc will be coming in near future. Third quarter of 2014 has been set as the launching time of iPhone 6. It is believed to be announced along with MacBook air and iWatch in September, […]

Apple Inc.’s iPhone 6 May Cost More

Apple Inc’s iPhone 6 has been creating a lot of buzz in the market.  The mobile enthusiasts are waiting for a long time for the launch of iphone 6. It is a premium handset from the brand of Apple Inc. The brand has never backed down from the pressure in the market. It has always […]

Incorporation of wireless charging in iPhone 6

It is believed that iPhone 6 is one of the most anticipated smart phones in the market. The customer has been waiting for the launch of iPhone 6 for a long time. They have become eager to get a hand over this premium handset from the brand of Apple Inc. It should be packed with […]

The look of iPhone is revealed

iPhone 6 is a premium handset from Apple Inc. It will be soon revealed in the market. Mobile enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for a look of iPhone 6. It is believed that the next generation of Cupertino will have a display of 4.7 inches. iPhone 6 will come up with 4.7 inches display as well. […]


Though it may sound a bit skeptical, it has been observed that the new iPhone for some reason or the other fails with its supply to meet the demand. And the scenario is not a rare one. Of late, Apple has disclosed two new models and as it is common with them, there was a […]

Time to shout YAHOOOOO!!!

Start your day with great news. Shout YAHOO!!! You must be wondering why I am so excited. Well one can’t resist but be excited when he gets to know that Yahoo has launched a new mobile application this very morning known as the “yahoo screen” specially designed for the Apple IOS Devices which includes their […]

Out Of The Blue iPhone 5S, 5C Pre-Order Page Published Ahead Of Time

We were eagerly waiting for the release of iPhone 5S and the cheaper version 5C, but the launch get messed up, the devices released ahead of time at China Telecom by making official the preorder page accidently. Beside this, a proclamation that the unit was accessible for reservation was advertised through Weibo.   The China […]

iPhone 5S Likely To Come In Higher Resolution

Several reports are coming to say that the display on the next iPhone might get an upgrade considering the Retina 2. A renowned market research firm reports that  iPhone 5S (or iPhone 6) will come with a better resolution and a thinner bezel. The smartphone  is likely to have a screen of 1.5 million pixels, […]

Iphone Mini Comes To Web Through Images

iPhone Mini has come in web by its pictures. According to the images, this new budget iPhone will have a smaller display, with screen size around 3.5 inches. The screen is expected to be the much-awaited Retina display.  The leaked image also shows that this small iPhone will have a plastic design unlike the aluminum […]